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Default No connection response whatsoever

I own the 60GB Vision: M. I've been searching google and ABI forums for weeks. I hadn't used my Vision: M in a while and plugged it in to charge one day, but all it would do is flash the blue light. I had experienced this before as a depleted battery and simply left it overnight to charge up and, usually, all was well the next day. This time, it wouldn't charge at all or stop blinking after several days. I interpreted this as a dead battery and ordered a new one per recommendation of a few other threads. Installed it today, plugged it in to charge, and has been blinking for three hours with no screen activity.

I now realize that the computer is not recognizing the Zen at all (nor did it previously with the old battery, so the new one is not the issue). Aside from the blinking blue light, there's no indication that it's plugged in. There's no device bubble, I'm receiving a "device not connected" error on Zen media explorer, etc.--there's nothing even in my device manager for Vision: M anywhere; not under portable devices, "other," or any other tab. Tried firmware installations, but obviously, I can't do that unless the computer recognizes the device first. Read the sticky posts but they didn't actually provide a "solution;" the author's computer just magically recognized his device after a few hours. Mine won't do that, so what do I do?

Other posts regarding connectivity issues address the device manager tab as the main recourse, but again, my device manager does not list anything for my Zen, and never recognizes "new hardware detected" for me to install any drivers. I have had my Zen for over two years and always connected to this computer, so I'm having a hard time understanding why it suddenly has no trace that a Zen was ever connected at all. I'm stumped. Any ideas?
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