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Default Pauses Every time I touch it...

I have had my T10 for 7months and it has started to pause the player every time I touch my T10. I lock the face and lay it down and it will pause. I pick it up un-pause the player lock the face still playing and when I set it down it pauses. I have been placing it very carefully unlock it press play then lock it carefully so it will play but if it is jostled it will pause and I have to do it all over again. Any ideas please.
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my t10 had power problems where it would switch on/off randomly. it wouls switch on over night and the battery would be dead in the morning. may t10 was under warranty, so i sent it in. it went in twice because the original problem of was not corrected but the 2nd got my player fixed. if your player is under warranty, get it fixed. also, included a note describing the problem. i did this the 2nd time and my player was fixed.

good luck
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Ummm I understand about the part about it pausing. Does it only do this with the hold switch turned on? Seems like it would be a loose touchpad connector, but if you've only had it for 7 months send it in for warranty service.
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