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Default Organizing Music with Zune


While I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Zune 120. I'm trying to clean up & organize my music files. I had most of my music archived in flac format but transcoded those into WMA lossless yesterday. Many of them I've found I already have encoded into a lossy format as well (wma or mp3). I Kept the lossy format as well because the previous music software I was using took forever to transcode on the fly when copying ovo to my small music player. So my current folder heirarchy structure goes something like this:


If I don't have both file types, then the music files reside directly in the album folder. This worked great for drag-and-drop but it occurs to me that it will be very messy with the Zune software. I plan to use a higher bitrate lossy format on the Zune 120 (256K or above) and wondered how quickly or slowly the Zune software encodes to lossy on the fly during file transfer? In light of that, what suggestions would you have for folder organization? How does the Zune software cope with having multiple file types of the same song? If I leave both file types, is it easy to see which one I've selected for syncing to the device? What methods do you use/recommend for managing a lossless/ lossy music collection? Any and all thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks so much in advance!


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