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Default Connection Issue

I plug my NS-DV4G into my PC and i get the insignia boot screen then searching for PC then connected then the unit turns off.... If i turn on the unit and plug it in it turns itself right back off unplug usb and it magically turns back on... What am I doing wrong here?
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are you using windows xp?

and you might try having it turned off with the hold on when you plug it in
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I'm guessing it's an electrical problem. Almost seems like something is shorting out or overheating. I'd try plugging it into a different computer to see which is causing the problem.
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I've come back from the dead, and now this post shall too.

I'm having the same issue, and I'm totally stumped.

Here's the thing: I've got a second instance of XP installed here, same hardware and everything, and for some reason the player connects to that one. I've tried copying over the USB drivers from the good system32 to the bad, but no dice.

I'm lost, and I'm pulling my hair out. Going to poke around a little more and see if I can't find out what the heck is going on. Any advice in the mean time?

Edit: Still lost, but getting closer? Connected the device and let it black out, then uninstalled via device manager. At this point, the screen came back on and Windows attempted to install "MTP Device", but failed, citing "Code 1 (device not properly configured)" or something thereabouts.

Now I still can't "see" it in windows, but it's at least on and charging. Back to work.

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Nevermind. That was almost disappointingly simple. Really wish I'd done it sooner.

Ok, step by step, here's how I fixed it:

1) Connect the player and let it black out.
2) Go into Device Manager (Contol panel, System, Hardware)
3) Right-click on Insignia Video Player
4) Uninstall
5) Back to control Panel
6) Add new hardware (let it do its thing)
7) I got a message about errors during the installation, ignore it.
8) Disconnect and reconnect the player, you should get an "OK to disconnect" screen, but the computer still can't see the player.
9) Reinstall WMP. I don't use it, but for whatever reason, it's doing something to let the player and the PC talk.

et voila. I'm now back in business. Hope somebody out there finds this useful.
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