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Default Viewing Albums from the Artist List

Until a couple of months ago, I've been using a Toshiba GigabeatS 60GB as my portable music player. I liked the Gigabeat, but I wanted something smaller and I didn't need that much space. I've only got about 5-6GB of music that I actually listen to. I only used it in the Gym and when on long driving trips. I felt kind of like an dork at the gym seeing all these people with thise nice little players on their arm or waist, and here I am with this massive brick strapped to my arm. My biggest complaint about it was the battery. It got the 12 hours it claimed, but the "power" button really only put it in standby. The only way to really turn it off was to use a small pin or something to flip a small switch on the bottom of the unit. It sucked the battery down fast when "off" unless you remembered to flick the little switch. I found myself without music way too many times because it would drain dead in about a week if I forgot to flip the little switch. I also typically went on 6-9 hour trips. I have a car charger for it, but a few times I forgot to plug it in to charge the night before coming home which left me without music for a portion of my return trip (my car only has one accessory plug, which is used by my GPS).

Anyway I did a lot of looking around and I bought an 8GB Sansa Fuze a couple of months ago. So far I like it, the battery is great and the size is much better. I have only one complaint though. The Gigabeat had a feature similar to the "go list" of the Fuze that I used a lot. I usually just listen to all music on random, but sometimes I'll be in the mood to listen to just certain albums or artists. On the Gigabeat, when you browsed by artist, it would list all albums by that artist, and when you selected that album, it would show all songs on the album. However, on the Fuze, when you do the same, if there are songs on that album that aren't by that artist, they don't show up.

One example is Rob Zombie's "Past, Present & Future" album. It has songs by Rob Zombie and songs from when he was in White Zombie. When I browse by artist, select Rob Zombie, it shows all albums with songs by Rob Zombie on it. If I select the "Past, Present & Future" album, it only shows 10 songs when there should be 19.

Also, using Rob Zombie as an example, when browsing artist and it's showing all albums that have songs by Rob Zombie on it, it will also list the Matrix and Mission Impossible sound tracks, which he has one song each on those albums. If I select the Matrix sound track, it only shows that one song from the album. The Gigabeat on the other hand, when I would browse by artist, select Rob Zombie, it also showed all albums that had songs by him on it. If I selected the Matrix sound track though, there was a way that I could add just Rob Zombie's songs from the album or the entire album to the quick list. I haven't been able to figure out how to do this with the Fuze.

I use Windows Media Player 11 to sync the Fuze. If I look at the ID3v2 tag for one of the songs from the "Past, Present & Future" album that doesn't show up when browsing by Rob Zombie as an artist, it shows the following:

Artist: White Zombie
Album: Past, Present & Future
Album Artist: Rob Zombie
Composer: Rob Zombie/White Zombie
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