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Default Lock ups and crashing

OK, my O2 is just over a month old and as of the past week or so, it has been locking up at random (sticks in the middle of playing song or video loops for about 1/2 second of audio for a couple seconds) then shuts down.

After it shuts down it wont start back up and more or less imitates having a dead battery even when battery is fully charged.

My first step was to reload my firmware which seemed to fix the problem initially. But it has returned and doing it more often. Cant get 10 minutes of listening without it crashing.

After about 20 minutes or half an hour of not being touched i can usually start it again once it crashes. Sometimes i can start it right back up though usually when listening to music.

However most recently (past 10 minutes) while trying to copy the files off of my unit onto my pc at work, it gave me an insufficient parameters message and then locks down my player, everything on it becomes inaccessible. Player then locks up at the USB connected screen on the player and needs to be shutdown via holding the power button for like 10 seconds and then wont respond to the power switch, or any form of charging.

My suspicion is the harddrive is dying or messed up with bad sectors im gonna try formating it when i can get it connected to my PC next, hopefully that works either way this is becoming quite troublesome.

If anyone has any other ideas please let me know
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