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Default New User, Fuze questions

Hi all, this is my first post.

After 2 iPods I made the switch to Sansas. I've been using them for about 4 years now. I had my e200r for a long time and upgraded to the 4gig Fuze about this time last year.

I have a small working knowledge of audio, I know the different brands and terms, I've been playing guitar for awhile, but I wouldn't call myself an audiophile or an expert by any stretch.

Anyways on to my question. I use the 4gig Fuze like I said earlier, paired with Seinheisser PMX200s. These were my first really decent headphones. Before then i was going with $20 pairs of Sony's or whatever I could find. An interesting thing has been happening with them though. When I move around the sound can cut in an out. This is realyl bad when I am running or riding my bike to classes. I can't tell if its the Fuze or the Cans, but my last Sansa met an early demise from the headphone jack being broken due to a drop, so I'm not ruling it out. One day when the temperature was in the negative the rubber insulation on the cable cracked. i repaired ith with shrink wrap and epoxy. I don't think this has anythign to do with my sound issue, since it worked fine until I fixed it.

As far as I can tell there are 3 possible culrpits.

#1 the jack on the headphones is broken and I need to replace it
#2 the wire is damaged from where the insulation cracked
#3 the female jack on the Sansa has been broken from a drop

I'm pretty handy with a soldering Iron so if its one of the first two I can fix it pretty easily. I would much rather operate on a $40 pair of headphones than a $100 mp3 player.
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