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Old 04-22-2009, 01:34 AM
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Cool Some things I didn't know about the P3 until I got it!

I just got a P3 last week. I write because as much as I read about the P3, there are some things that I've discovered after using it that I hadn't come across before...(if you have come across it, apologies for the redundancy). [note, I do have current 2.10 US firmware, sorry in advance if this is long, but I feel chatty]

Some Pros:
-There is now an ability to switch between UMS and MTP on the player itself (in the settings menu under 'PC Connection'). It does a quick reboot when you switch, and when it reboots, voila...

[I actually did read something about this at some point, and it doesn't actually change the firmware or anything, just the USB connection (so you can switch to UMS and use the P3 no problem on other computers, but you don't get any functionality which only comes on UMS firmware)].

-The P3 fits the Belkin P2 case (mine is slightly modified though, I took out the plastic cover and the stretchy bit on the bottom so I could plug the USB in while its in the case, so that helps the P3 fit).

-The Text-To-Speech (TTS) function works really freakishly well. I'm sure some may disagree, but my experience with it has been positive. You can choose from alot of different accents and languages, as well as male/female and in my experience the reading has been very human-like (at least the Australian male voice does! contrast to the classic 'robot' playback voice many of us know).

Some (minor) Cons
-With the P2 you would slide the power button to 'hold', and you could also click it to pause/play your music. The P3 power button just has a tap function, which 'holds'. So, as far as I understand, the ability to pause with a button press is now gone (please correct me if I'm wrong). This is a bit of a peeve for me, because I'd like to be able to pause it without taking it out of my pocket (but not a huge deal).

-With the expanded codec support, you can now drag and drop most video files and it may work (ie. no conversion necessary). What I hadn't considered (stupid me?) is that it only lets you open certain resolutions, so some videos I tried wouldn't work right away, and had to use Emodio to convert the resolution. (I'm not too peeved about this, but some might be.)

-Most of the flash games that are floating around in these forums and others don't work well, if at all. Some just won't open, others require keyboard input and are therefore useless until someone reconfigures the few buttons on the P3 to stand in. (As has been done on the Cowon S9, so I've read.) (again, I don't really care about this, but some might).

Mixed Pro/Con
-The menu scrolling is much more fluid than on the P2 (the P3 responsiveness video on this site demonstrates this). What I didn't anticipate is that the screen does 'tear' a bit, so the scrolling is nice and smooth, but you can sometimes see fine lines appear in the text which makes it look fragmented. It's not a huge deal but it is noticeable. (this may have been mentioned in the video but I watched it without sound cause I'm a loser).

-Battery life after my first full charge was awful (10 hrs), but could have been that I was playing with it so much. I'm on my third charge now, and things have improved and it looks like it may last longer than my P2 ever did. I used it all day yesterday, feel asleep with it on by accident, and have been using it all today and its still 2/3 bars (mostly music, and a little sudoku!)

-The haptic feedback is a little underwhelming, but not a bad touch (pun intended rofl). Someone else described it well as 'haptic 1.0'. Personally, I changed the haptic 'volume' down from 5ish to 1, and I think I'll keep it that way. (so its still on just more subtle).

Thoughts (for those who are still reading this stupidly long post)
-the P3 is AMAZING...I know some have been comparing P2 v. P3 etc, but having owned both, the P3 really does feel like a 'step up'. Then again, my P2 did break on me, so I am biased. Highly recommended.

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