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Default Continual reboots during sync

Anyone else experienced this behaviour?

Began sync to WMP11 - PC recognised the device but WMP no longer 'remembered' the P3 and I had to set up the sync partnership again. It then went through the 1,500 or so files, taking a second or so to recognize those (i.e. most) which were already on the P3. During this process the P3 rebooted itself every minute or so, with the result that the whole process took around an hour.

I had noticed the P3 occasionally rebooting before while connected to the PC.

P3 is in MTP mode; 2.10 firmware.
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I had the same problem. Solved by switching to UMS mode, in the P3 settings menu.
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I have heard of some people experiencing crashes with 2.10.. in UMS mode you should be Ok.
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Yes, could use UMS but then lose the ability to track the play count on the PC and create auto playlists accordingly.
Maybe downgrading to 2.07 is an option?

EDIT: It's just rebooted in UMS mode.

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I did see that it rebooted a couplea times while charging after I switched to 2.10 but I've just switched to UMS, will confirm after it does the same thing again.. btw, why am I not getting an option to safely eject the P3 from my comp? Do I just yank it out?
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