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Default Sony A828KB question.

I have been looking around the internet for a bit of time now, but I have never seen any definite information on what you get in the box for the Sony A828KB as far as the headphones go.

Some people on this forum have mentioned that they got both the BT headphones and the in-ear headphones (presumably the same as ones you get with the 16GB version - that also would need some clearing up for me) though other sources - such as retailers don't mention the in-ear headphones.

Here are a few links to the 828s and 829s I've looked at:

An apparent 16GB version with BT headphones:
An 8GB version with BT headphones:

There are also a few others around the internet - for example, Curry's have what is a 16GB version according to the model name but in the details of the product it says that the capacity is 8GB.

If anyone can set me straight on what is going on I would be very grateful! Thanks!

EDIT: I have looked through a few pages of reviews for the A828KB and a few people have mentioned that they got both - the BT and the in-ear headphones. (

Then there is the 16GB model, though in the product description the model number corresponds to the 829 16GB version, but the availability is said to be from 2006, which is odd considering that AFAIK 820s were released in 2008. The price is only about 10 higher so that makes me a puzzled as to why the price difference is so smnall and alos why there are no user reviews for it. The product description is not too detailed either. (

Sorry if I'm writing too much, but I just want to know what is what.

Nevermind I guess, not may replies eh. Got in touch with Tribal UK and they cleared a few things up for me. Hopefully will turn out well. Yeah - ordered.

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