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Default Opinion on User Review

Hey guys, for those of you who own a P3, I would like to know your opinion in regards to this user review from Futureshop (particularly regarding what he has to say about video) in :

Definitely not worth it. If All you want is a player that plays music well and nothing else then this player is the one for you. If you are looking for an intuitive interface or something that plays lots of formats of video well, or even something with other useful features, this player is definitely NOT for you. To say the interface was poorly designed is an understatement. To start an album you have to navigate to it, go into it and press on he first song to start the album as a whole. If you have a lot of music and want to find an album you have to scroll through all your music to get to it and with the constant swiping up and down you'll do the screen will get quite messy not to mention the irritation of it all. The scroll bar is a joke, quite inaccurate and hard to use. You find yourself going past the album you wanted quite often and there is no way to actually SEARCH for a sing album or Artist.As for video, this specifications say this player will do MPEG AVI H264 WMV and even DIVX and XVID with a firmware update. What they don't tell you is this is done via TRANSCODING. It actually only plays one format, and I have never even heard of it. If you want to say play Quantum of Solace that you ahem backed up to a file be prepared to wait 40 or so minutes. Don't say it supports a format if it cant play it natively, Even then if you use the default setting for transcoding and expect to see decent quality you will be sadly disappointed horrible and choppy not to mention dark. Overall I think they should not have even mentioned it plays video it would have done less damage to Samsung's reputation. As for the other useful features, well let's just say they are useless at best irritating at best. The subway map is a joke for Canada they only have Toronto and Vancouver and even those are out of date and in the states they have New York and Chicago. Anything you want to add to the calendar has to be added via Outlook, I could go on but I wont.The one thing this player does well is play music, the DNSe feature is great and music sounds clear and rich, provided you use GOOD headphones. The cheap ones they ship with the player sound thin and tinny. The bluetooth is of limited use, yes you can dial numbers in your contact book on the player and it will dial your phone for you but using the player as a speaker phone is not recommended it would have to be the WORST bluetooth headset I have ever used. File transfer is clunky and takes a while, Say you want to transfer a file between your mobile phone and the player be prepared to try a few times to set it up and be prepared for each trransfer to take longer than it should.Oh and I found it verrrrrrry easy to drop this player.All in all this player has one thing going for it, and that's sound. EVERY other aspect of the player doesn't live up to the hype...or even basic expectations. Save you money and get something else.

Is he right in regards to the P3 transcoding video into one format?
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