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Default I damaged my Sony A828

I was walking on the street with my a828 in hand and suddenly
my shooe side slipped
I fell on the side and Rolled so i landed with my feet up
like a Dead dog, it must have look very funny
but the A828 smashed in the street

I did not get a single scratch my self
but my A828 got some heavy scratches

Fortunaly the screen don't seem to be damaged
and i havent found any damage on it yet

I just wanted to say that Sony players seem to be quite solid
it might be a player that is light take lesser damage

I'm glad i was not walking my Samsung p2 or i might have had a cracked screen on it now.

Enjoy the Photo

As you can see No damage on the screen

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great stuff there, i am amazed by sony product, cause it has the best build quality.
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Oh wow, you have the gold-colored one.

I had an accident also involving the street. I had my A728 in my shirt pocket and was running towards my car. When I stopped, the Walkman flew out of my pocket and smacked the side of the curb. Very comical (imagine Wile E. Coyote crashing headfirst into a brick wall,) though it left some scratches and scuffed the corner. A leather case will easily hide it.

I'm surprised that the metallic plastic on the edges held up decently.
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I dropped my S639 on a concrete path as I took it out of my pocket while walking in the park. It was in a leather case, so only got a small scratch on one corner, but I'm still really annoyed!!

Maybe this could become a catharsis thread for people who have damaged their player and are p-ed off about it?!
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I love my a728, its just built like a tank..
Portable Rig:
<sony a728 8Gb, Sennheiser Hd555, Ultimate Ears Metro fi 200, Koss KSC75, Sennheiser CX400, CMoy amp
-Awaiting to buy an AKG K701-
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