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Default System won't POST with Fuze on USB


After a few hours of freaking out trying to figure out why my somewhat new PC wouldn't POST I noticed that my Fuze had been plugged into the USB. Sure enough, I unplugged it and POST would complete without hanging. While not too big a problem now that I know what causes it, is there a known fix to this (other than the obvious of unplugging it).
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Sounds like it might be a boot order issue. If your CMOS setup is configured to boot from a USB device before the internal HD, your system might be finding the sansa and trying to boot from it. Obviously the sansa does not have a valid bootstrap for your system. I would look for the boot order and either remove the USB entry or move it behind the internal HD.
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Some PC's have the ability to boot to USB-attached devices. Your PC probably does, and it is set to check the USB ports for boot devices before it checks for hard drives. It is hanging on trying to boot from the Fuze. You either need to not try to boot with it attached, or go into the BIOS setup (different for different makes/models, check your manufacturer's support site) and change the boot order to either exclude USB devices or put them after the hard drive.
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