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Default Iluv Headphone any good?

While i getting my Koss and sony bluetooth headphones repaired
i have to use something else.

Right now i only have the headphones that came with my players
The one that came with Sony A828 is great but is very unconfy and tend to fall out of my ear all the time
The apple earphone that came with touch is very confortable but sound is bad.

So i want to buy some new cheap earphone went to my local store nearby
and looked at some cheap headphones
I found Iluv i301 for 12 euro be very nice
it even have a remote control

But how do Iluv sound same as the Apple earphones or a little better?
I probaly wont get so good sound for 12 euro but for a temporary solution
and if they atleast sound decent and look nice?

I see a lot of people like it:

this is i301:

also saw Sony E33 very nice design:

But is 20 euro so a bit more expensive and dont have volume control
And maybe i just pay more for the design?

Should i just go for Iluv will i be happy with it?

If they as confortable as the apple earphone (the only earphone i can use without it fall out my ear) and sound better and has remote

hey what do you think Iluv or not?

I also saw some Skullcandy Inkd for 25 euro :

But right now i think i dont want to buy for 20-25 euro
so i am more aiming at the Iluv right now

iluv good?

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