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Default Iluv Headphone any good?

While i getting my Koss and sony bluetooth headphones repaired
i have to use something else.

Right now i only have the headphones that came with my players
The one that came with Sony A828 is great but is very unconfy and tend to fall out of my ear all the time
The apple earphone that came with touch is very confortable but sound is bad.

So i want to buy some new cheap earphone went to my local store nearby
and looked at some cheap headphones
I found Iluv i301 for 12 euro be very nice
it even have a remote control

But how do Iluv sound same as the Apple earphones or a little better?
I probaly wont get so good sound for 12 euro but for a temporary solution
and if they atleast sound decent and look nice?

I see a lot of people like it:

this is i301:

also saw Sony E33 very nice design:

But is 20 euro so a bit more expensive and dont have volume control
And maybe i just pay more for the design?

Should i just go for Iluv will i be happy with it?

If they as confortable as the apple earphone (the only earphone i can use without it fall out my ear) and sound better and has remote

hey what do you think Iluv or not?

I also saw some Skullcandy Inkd for 25 euro :

But right now i think i dont want to buy for 20-25 euro
so i am more aiming at the Iluv right now

iluv good?

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The only one of those that I tried was the Skullcandy, and they were just awful I would think the Sony would be better than the iLuv though.
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The Sony MDR-EX36V's are what I'm using most and I love them for the price. USD $29...about 21 Euro...I'm pretty sure they are better than those other Sony's too. Very nice bass and clarity.

Should be available all over the place. I got my wife pink JVC Marshmallows based on everyone saying they are very good for the price, and they really are. Should be just as cheap as the iLuv's but better sound. The Sony's are still just a little better than the Marshmallows, in every range.

Those are two good ones for spares though. I'll probably use the EX36V's a lot for the next couple months then retire them to spares and use a higher price range.
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I realy like the Scullcandy MFM

Is more expensive so i plan to get theese next month or so

But if you are saying skullcandy earphones the one to 25 euro dont sound so good i might go for ILUV or the sony.

But Not all from Sony is good.
I think if you buy the cheapest from Sony you dont get Sony quality
so it might not realy matter.

oh yea it might be Sony sound better than Iluv because they more groovy but i dunno.

Maybe i should just get the Iluv for now
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i don't know but i think all the skullcandy headphones look ugly. They're too fanciful.

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Stay away from the skullcandy, you will be disappointed. If the sound quality doesn't get you the build quality will. The iluv looks like a typical $10 set but depending on how long it takes to get your other stuff fixed they may be an option. I would suggest looking at the JVC fx66. Here in the states they go for $17-$30, not sure what they sell for in Europe.
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about JVC i have never liked that brand i found them cheap just as philips

They do have JVC here in the shop nearby but only JVC GUMY

i honestly think ILUV look and probaly sound better tan those gumy
I also found this Pioneer SE-CL21MJE very pretty but dont know how good they sound
Is one of the most intressing design i seen so far in low-budget earphone :

I have though about if i should get some SHURE
there is a pair of SHURE earphone in my local shop
But they only have SE110 for 99 euro:

they only have this model i dont want to order online right now
another shop here maybe have SCL2K but that one cost atleast 130 euro.
so a bit pricey for me.
and to be frank i dont realy like so much in-ear earphones
if i have to use earphone and not over ear headphones then i prefer
ear phones that goes just little bit inside ear and are comfy

I need something as comfortable as APPLE earphone but better
I tend to suffer with Earphones being unconfortable and easy falling out of my ears
Apple is the only so far that has been able to stand inside my ear and not make them soar

But for now i think i just go down and get the ILUV ones?

See i have 2 Koss headphones that will be remplaced or fixed soon and a expensive Sony bluetooth headset i will send it for repair , surely some or all of those will be repaired on warranty and i might have some good sounding headphones during this summer.

Now i still feel a little bit tempted to get a shure later but right now i can only aford a 10-15$ earphone

I have many earphones in my room already
the HTC HD earphone almost make my ear bleed
I have some old samsung earphone (nothing special) and they are too unfortable
then there is the ones that came with Sony A828 they sound great but fall out of my ear all time.

The only non-black ones i have that is working now is The Apple default ones
they super confortable never fall out of my ears but sound terrible

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I went and got a pair of I LUV headphones

my first impresion so far:

Sound: Excelent good quality sound (compared to the one from apple)
ILUV told me the sound was equal but they are much better
The volume is quite loud and for example using it on a Samsung player like P2 give just Amazing sound.

Comfortable: Well they are comfortable but not as comfortable as the apple ones (those are the only ones not falling out of my ears)

It come with 2 extra ear cushion incase the one on the earphone not fit your ear one smaler and one bigger.
The one bigger is useless for me.
I changed to the smaler because it fit better my ears.

But there is a problem it easy Fall out of my ear
so i guess is not for everyones ear.

I luv could certainly improve on this make the earphones hold better in the ear, even sitting make the earphone fall out after just some minuts in the ear so have to keep putting them in all the time.

the Remote is great finaly i can turn down the volume on my ipod touch or samsung p3 without taking it out of pocket
however the remote feel a little heavy wearing but not by much

Over all impression:
For 12.99 Euro absolutly worth the money
Good loud sound and pretty design.
remote control
the downside is for me they easy fall out of the ear
Not so comfortable as the apple provides but they do the job.

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