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Default Bricked Sansa View 8GB - please help

I have formated the View via computer and seems like I erased the bootloader. I tried to put the player into recovery mode and copy the bootloader and firmware there, but it did not work. The firmware seemed to be applied, but the player still was stuck in Sansa boot-up screen. I then tried pressing the '<' key while booting up and it said "erasing data" or something like that and since then I do not even get a "Sansa" boot screen. Just black screeen and the blue ring is on. Windows detects an unknown device and can not find drivers for "Tango Digital Media Platform". I have no idea what to do next. I tried hooking it up to a Linux machine. That lists Sansa in Recovery mode on one of the USB ports, but I don't know how to transfer files to that. It seems to mot be mounted. Is there something like a e200tool for the View? Please help I am out of my wits on this.

Originally, I formated the player because I could not add any new music to it. In either mode. I put the latest firmware on it and it did not help. When using MSC mode the transfer occured and I could see the files, but when unplugged and trying to update the database the player crashed. In the other mode I got an error when trying to copy (drag and drop) files to the device.

I must say I have two iPods in addition to this player and have had exactly zero problems with those. I know, this is an iPod hating site, but the truth is iPods seem to just work for years (my olderst iPod is 3rd gen iPod and is working fine) and this player hasn't lasted a year before these seemingly software issues popped up.
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