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Default Got my A729! Replacing a Zen 4GB

I've only had it since yesterday... I'm still a newb at it. But I've noticed so far:
Instant turn on, just press play right after pressing pwr on. Easy and quick. Better than the Zen for sure, though the Zen does start playing automatically.
Better sound quality.
Better screen.

Size wise I don't mind either but the Sony's perhaps a little bit more practical. Really not that big a deal though.

Now what I miss on the Sony:
The programmable button that there is on the Zen (which I set for 'random play all'). Would just be very handy.
It's made up for by the possibility of playing all songs randomly and STILL being able to access each songs by this artist, which you couldn't on the Zen. Good deal. Got a random song you like and gets you in the mood for more of the same, just click down and there ya go.

It's also a little light. I prefer heavier stuff. But that's not a huge deal really.

I'm having troubles encoding videos so I'm trying different things now (Handbrake 9.3 with the iPod settings and set to level 13) so we'll see. Will be a while before I can confirm what works though a bit disapointing. Videos worked just fine on the Zen though the quality wasn't great.

The bundled earphones are brilliant. Loving them, and that's from someone who has never, EVER used ear phones. Always headphones and now neckbands.

Not sure what else... I can't even fill those 16GB now even though I have about 65GB of music.

Considering I got it for half the price of a Nano 8GB and cheaper than any other players I was considering (except the Sansa Fuze) I'm not too fussed about the bad points. It works, sounds great, has good quality. All I need is a crystal cover for it now as I really fear for the screen.
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