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Default YP-T10 awfully slow ... Please help

Hi all,

Since a week my T10 became awfully slow.
I tried to format the device by using the Format functionality provided by the device itself. I also format by using Windows Vista and XP interface.
I tried also to change the firmware and chose the v3.06 KR UMS (with the help of this forum, by using tcctool). But despite of my efforts, the device is very very slow.
For example, when I go into the "Music" menu and try to browse the songs, it takes more than 30 secs before the songs appeared. Same thing when I try to come back to other menu ...
I just installed a few songs (MP3 format) to be sure that there are no special character on the files themselves ...
What can I do ? Does a low-level format of the filestructure of the T10 exist ?
Do you have any suggestion ?

Thanks a lot for your help.
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sorry, i don't. have you tried to run the battery down completely? it does sound like something is running in the back ground and tying up the micro-processor. i had a problem with my T10 not shutting down or randomly turning on and draining the battery. my T10 was under warranty so i sent it in. it you are under warranty get it serviced and send in a description of the problem so that they will know what to look for. i had to send mine in twice, the 2nd time it was fixed properly.

good luck.
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Try turning off bluetooth, or if it's off then turn it ON then OFF again. Also turn of discoverablity. It's possible the processor has a "limp along" mode which it defaults to if something has gine wrong. I wouldn't have a clue how to fix it for you though.
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Default Thanks to you ... but it is still not better

Hello T_3700 and Olley,

I'm trying to drain the battery. I will come back to you with more information.
Yesterday I tried to re-install a firmware but without success.
I also swithed off and on and off the bluetooth, but i doesn't work either.
If you have any other idea let me know ...

Thanks to you both.
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go into sound settings and get rid of the beep sound, that could be slowing it down
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Did you update the Firmware ? as you did no say if it worked, also use the latest 3.07, when you flashed the drive you must do a format, just use the format in the T10.

I did post a few times a simple way to flash the T10 using the tcctool, but running from a Bat file, if you can't find my post I will see if I still have a copy of it and repost it.
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Talking A potential solution for your slow Samsung T10

The Samsung T10 is a great MP3 player, but, just like your favourite shirt, it sometimes needs a good clean. I had the very same problems you are experiencing with my T10 unit and found that the following approach worked.

1. Go to and download the latest version of Emodio.
2. Once you've done this, plug your T10 into a USB port and, in Emodio, go to menu (top left of the program)> portable device> update firmware. Let the firmware update.
3. Now, make sure you save *every* file on your T10 that you need on to another drive because we're gonna completely clean out your unit next...
4. Again in Emodio, go to menu, portable device, format. Then click 'Yes'.

I found that formatting through Emodio was the only way to get the T10 to function normally again. It appears that, just like defragging one's hard drive, the T10 requires a good old fashioned Emodio-driven formatting every once in a while.

I hope this helps, may your T10 function more quickly from now on, and may you continue to resist the great IPod onslaught!

Regards, Joe 90
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