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Default User interface questions

I've looked at the review for the P3 and saw the video example of using gestures to traverse a song list. Is that the only way to navigate a list from top to bottom? Or is there a push-and-hold button that will scroll as long as you hold? It seems that repeatedly flicking the screen to get to the bottom of a very long list would be a HUGE pain.

Does anybody know if the Cowon S9 behaves the same way?

I see the Creative Zen has an alphabet index capability, which is nice. But does it have push-and-hold, or do you have to repeatedly click to move the cursor down?
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on p3 there is a slider down the right hand side that you can drag up and down or just press at the top or bottom and it will move either way. just like on your computers web browser.
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Yeah- it's really quick to get from A to Z in a song list.
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That's good to know.

Basically, I'm looking for a device that can be easily used in the car. Most of these things have displays so tiny they're useless for that purpose. Case in point is the D2 I just ordered. It's a decent enough unit, but the screen is so small I can't see the tiny text, and selecting songs from lists is hit-or-miss because they're so small compared to my finger.

One nice feature of the S9 is the variable zoom, but I wouldn't need a zoom if the text and buttons were reasonably sized. How does the P3 stack up for use in the car for a 40+-year-old whose eyes aren't as sharp as they once were (for reference, I was playing with my daughters iPod nano last night and found I could barely read the screen at all, let alone from 2+ feet away which is where it'll be in the car).
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As already said, you can use the right slider to quickly get trhought the list, or as an alternative, you just press under/above the slider and it scrolls page per page (ver quickly again, but you dont have to change the position of your finger). Its like a windows window with a slider

On the other hand, its not so smooth like ipods touch quicksearch (its sometimes hard to get the silder,etc.).

Best is (like with every new UI) you go to the shops and try out youreself and see what fits best for you, before spending 150-300 € on a mp3 player.
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