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Default Screen Problems! Need HELP!

the problem is that i have just broken my screen
stupid...i know! but yes i put a usb next to my iriver spinn n like somehow i broke the touchscreen its like full cracked
anyways i was just wondering if anyone knows how much or around how much it would cost to replace the screen cause i only got the spinn less than a year ago so i kind of dont want to get a new one...yet...
and also is it possible to still add songs cause i just realised that when iwanted to add songs u have to press the "power & data" or "power & play" n i know you have to press power and data to add songs...
but is there another way to add songs...?
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I'm almost 100% certain that no one is going to fix your screen for you. Your best bet would be to utilize your warranty, but I doubt they will honor it. For electronics like these, its always cheaper to replace than to fix.

As for adding songs.. why dont you just try it whatever way you think might work, unplug the device, and then see if its on the drive when you reconnect. I'm assuming your pc still reads the device...

Good luck!
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I have done the same. My screen is broken too . My SPINN still works however. Even the touch controls. It's very hard to figure out where you are in the menus though when the screen is constantly black.
A tip for babeypink. When connected to the pc, just press the clickwheel because the 'cursor' always starts on power and data

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i got my SPINN fix out of warranty [ for a fee] iriver has the best support line!!!
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