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Default P3 Died while copying files

I am having a problem with my P3. Before I contact samsung and try and have it replaced I was wondering if anyone here saw the same thing, and had any ideas on how to fix it.

I was copying over a few mp3s to the music directory on the p3, and one file failed to copy. It said it could not read/write the file, and stopped copying the file. I tried it again after verifying that I could in fact read and write to the file on my filesystem. I then tried to copy over a different file to the P3. It started to copy it, got about 1/2 way when all of a sudden it turned off. The screen went solid black, and the computer said it was improperly disconnected. I unplugged it and tried to turn it back on, with and without pressing in the reset button on the bottom. Nothing works. It simply will not turn on, or do anything at this point.

I suspect one of two things, One it is on in some software loop and is not taking any input so the reset is not working. or more likely two the battery died somehow and it is not taking in a charge at all.

Has anyone else experienced these type of problems with the YP-P3?

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