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Originally Posted by TomCat39 View Post
You have to first connect your phone and P3 via bluetooth. Just like you connect bluetooth headphones.

Once the P3 and cell are connected via bluetooth, the p3 dial under mobile phone will work as long as your phone has advanced enough bluetooth profiles to handle it.

ooh okay thank you!
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Originally Posted by jjrosaria View Post
Uhm IMO the iphone is a media player with a phone functionality. Great for media's (apps, vids, etc), decent at best SQ and a pretty Okayish phone functionality.
I disagree entirely. The iPhone is a mobile unix platform capable of true mobile computing in a way that not many mobile devices can manage. The fact that it plays music and video I would contend is entirely secondary to it's other capabilities.

Now, I would have to go on record as saying it is probably only really worthwhile for about 75% of the stuff I use it for after being jailbroken, which is definitely not a selling point, ok. But the fact that I can SSH into my server and administer it from the road on a device that fits in my pocket speaks for itself. As for the phone functionality? Well it makes calls, and it receives them... What more do you want?


Keep in mind that the device port at the bottom of the P3 does not support the sort of communication that any phone add on would require. Yes, it might be cool, but it will never happen, not even if Samsung thought it was a good idea.
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Is the P3 capable of multi-bluetooth?
I mean I have a new cell phone SE Aino that comes with a bluetooth stereo earphones receiver, I tried to connect both the cell phone and the BT receiver on the P3 at the same time but it doesn't take more than one
Is there a way to connect both on BT? why? because the BT earphones receiver has a MIC too (and a play/stop,next,volume control...) making it perfect for answering calls while doing sports like ski
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I've connected to 2 speakers via BT, but not a phone and stereo earphones.
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Bluetooth Stereo earphones can only be connected with one b/t device at a time...
I have an Nokia N97 and i tried to do the same on the b/t earphones i got for the N97, but didnt work with my P3,
while the earphone was connected to the N97....I think the P3 is multi-b/t bcoz it can connect to multiple speakers(As Dreamnine mentioned above)....
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