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Default Behold: The Gigabeat S120 (in S30 shell)!

Boys and girls,

I successfully managed to install Samsung's single platter 120GB drive HS12YHA N2-2D in my Gigabeat S30! Below is an image of the drive, and an image of the system info

Now to Rockbox it!
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Nice work. I miss my old gigabeat sometimes, it was a good player. 120 gb mod would really kick butt if I could pick up another on the cheap...
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Default Question

This may be a dumb question, but all you have to do was swap out the drives and use the firmware restore files to format the drive, right? I ask because I'd like to upgrade my gigabeat using the same drive, but want to make sure I'm not leaving out any steps.

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The S30 is the same. I upgraded my S60 to a Toshiba 120GB and it has worked well.
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I also upgraded my S60 to a 120GB HDD (Toshiba MK1214GAH). Firmware update had no issue seeing it, and I even managed to get the Rockbox firmware to work. I ran it for a few months that way, before putting the drive back into my Gigabeat F.
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Default Battery upgrade

Cheers for the detailed info on the swap.
I just upgraded the battery then successfully (don't you love it when it works?!), but as for the hard drive, that's a future upgrade.
My question is, where is that black latch located for the ZIF drive? Am I blind? I can't see it anywhere.
Cheers in advance.
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