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Default Sony NWZ-E436F Questions...

I just bought Sony NWZ-E436F MP3 player a couple of days ago I love this player, but I've a couple of things I'm hoping I could get some insight on, thanks!

The player will go into standby mode if there's no activity for 30 seconds I'm sure you guys noticed? I want to know if there is an option to disable this? I like my player to "stay awake" all the time, I know it's battery consuming but I just like it that way.

I noticed that changes will not take place even if you have made it directly in the player via Window Explorer, like I had this song called "No Boundaries" but there was a typo-- No Bondary so I changed the ID3 Tag in Windows Explorer by double-clicking and using Winamp to edit the ID3 Tag, when I did this the player said "Do Not Disconnect" indicating that it is applying the changes but after I discharged my player from my PC USB the typo is still there, I have to actually delete the file from my MP3 player device, make the changes on my PC and reupload the MP3 again for the changes to finally take effect, what gives?

To add album artwork and upload my tracks with *ease? WMP11 is horrible, Drag N Drop is cool but I don't like manually making folders for Artist and Album all these hierarchy business, I'm currently using Media Go 1.1 the program creates the folder for me and all that but it seems to add a "/" to my track number after uploading my MP3s to the player and if I disabled the Version 2 of the ID3 Tag the album art I've added will disappear am I not supposed to disable it? Is there any way to disable Media Go from entering information to the ID3V2 Tag?

How do you make a playlist for NWZ-E436F? I've tried using Media Go 1.1 but each attempt resulted in failure, I don't know how to use WMP 11 to make a playlist, is there an easier way of doing this?

Everytime when I have my E436F device connected to the PC and have Winamp open as well, the latter would shut itself down, it would stay open for about 3 to 5 seconds before shutting down. Winamp only seems to work after I've disconnected my device. Any ideas?

Which is better? I know how to switch between the two but I want to know which is the better "option" should I stick with MTP or with USB? I've issues with MTP one of them being Winamp often shutting down by itself and some other minor stuff. I just want to know if there are any additional benefits to using one type over the other? Anyone knows? Currently I'm using USB Mode instead of MTP.

Seems like everyone else is unhappy with the "Creating Library" issue, it seems to only happen when the device...

1. Is switched off (PWR OFF button) and LEFT FOR over 4 HOURS, once you power up the device again it'll recreate its library

2. After disconnecting from the PC regardless whether or not you upload or did anything to the PC/device/etc.

I guess that's it, it's such a neat device I love it but I might consider other Sony series as opposed to this one if I'm getting another MP3 player.

Any advice on my six questions? Thanks.
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