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Default Fuze ribbon connector

I did search before I decided to post this. But I came up with several flamefests and not the info I need.

My Sansa needs its power/data connector resoldered, which I can do. I need to seperate the front board from the rear one to get to the screws to remove the rear board from the casing in order to repair the power/data jack. But there are a few different types of ribbon connector socket, and using the wrong approach to disconnect it is begging to destroy the ribbon cable and/or connector. My question is simple and can be addressed by any of you who have successfully disassembled a Fuze without damaging it. I do understand that getting the cable back into the connector can be challenging.

What I need to know is, which type of socket is it on the mainboard that the ribbon cable connects to? There's a type where you just pull the cable out, another type where the connector has a piece that pivots up to release the cable, and yet another where part of the connector slides horizontally in the direction from which the cable enters, in order to release it.

Misjudging the connector type and using the wrong method is just _begging_ for destruction of the ribbon and/or the connector. And the ribbon is too short to allow me to detach the cable at the faceplate board as I have seen discussed.

Which connector type is this? I can go from there once I have this info, and this is a necessary repair situation, not just an idiot taking it apart for bowel movements and half-smiles.
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