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Default Battery calibration?

Got my new fuze, first thing i did was update firmware to v2 2.26A . Put my songs on it, fully charged it ( I think) battery stoped flashing and was solid. I'v done this a couple times. When i go to the info screen it shows the battery at only 94%. No rockbox installed as its v2.
So it seems the fuze thinks 100% charge is 94%.

Question is does anyone else have this problem and how do I correct or calibrate it?
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Could be anything, even a defective battery. Just keep an eye on how many hours you get out of it. I mean, the solid battery indicator might not even mean that it's fully charged, but in a top percentage. Charge it overnight if you can.
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That is not such a large discrepancy. Battery meters just show an approximation. Draining the battery to around 1/4 or so of a charge then charging it fully for a few cycles in a row seems to typically recalibrate the battery meter. 94% vs 100% is not so meaningful though. Often there may be a much larger discrepancy than this. don't worry about this unless the battery meter is way off.

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