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Default Will I really need the samsung warranty?

Hello people, I'm thinking of buying the samsung p3, took me a really long time to find places that sell them and ship to canada. Anyways right now i got 2 options ,
1) I can buy the samsung p3 from B&H or advanced lamps for $226 and $220 respectively but will have NO warranty because they ship from the U.S
2) I can buy it from a nearby store for $260 which includes tax and will have a valid warranty
So is it really worth $40 for the warranty? I'm not sure i never really buy warranty on my electronics
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btw after all the firmware updates, whats new? is the main screen less laggy when u transition between stuff?
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I'd sooner have a valid warranty. I take it you're not talking about an extended warranty?

The latest firmware doesn't add much from 2.14 which is the least laggy yet.
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Go for the warrenty trust me they come in handy. I have an xbox(i know this is unrelated but it relates to warrentys) somethin went funky with it n i sent it in to microsoft got it back good as new. Course i also have alot of psp games i can't play now because somehow the caseing for the UMD some how broke n now they wont work . why they changed the casings out i don't know why.

just go for it hey mom had to pay extra for the warrenty anyway when she got it lol
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I would strongly recommend obtaining the warranty. In my case, my P3 died a little more than 48 hours after receiving it. Specifically, it would not boot in any capacity, would not reset, and was not recognized when I connected it to my computer. I can only imagine how furious I would have been if I would have then had to pay for a repair after having the device for less than 72 hours.

I'm unaware of whether this is a widespread problem with the P3, but I did see in another forum post that someone else had a similar issue shortly after obtaining their device. Maybe it was a fluke, maybe not. I love the P3, and it's worked great for the past week (the duration of time I've had it since it came back from repair) but a part of me is still nervous that it's going to crap out on me again. Given that I can document two instances of the same failure, I think it just makes sense to get the warranty.

Also, Samsung service is slow, but OK on the whole. The average person you will encounter in the chat support knows nothing more than what you can find in the online troubleshooting manuals. They really push you to go through that process, so be forewarned and prepared for a bit of frustration if you've done your troubleshooting homework ahead of time. After I shipped it for repair (Samsung requires you to pay for your own shipping, even if the device is under warranty), there was a two-day lag between when UPS said it arrived at Samsung, and when Samsung logged the device as having arrived for repair. I believe they advertise that most repairs are completed within five business days; in my case, it took the full five. My biggest complaint with the entire repair process was that, after the repair was completed, I asked them to ship the device to my work address. Instead, they shipped it to my home address, and could not provide a tracking number. This was very disconcerting, and was not resolved even after two calls. I did receive the P3 eventually, but it took about a week longer than it should have. Given my previous customer service experiences, I'd put Samsung about in the middle of the pack. They weren't infuriatingly bad, but definitely frustrating.
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Pay the extra money and get the warranty, as no device is perfect. I lost my first new Sony Mp3 Walkman that way.
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I bought mine through B&H and Samsung is servicing it through warranty. I just had to submit a copy of my purchase receipt.

My experience with their repair service has been horrible though. My P3 died the first week I had it, so I contacted support and mailed it in. They did the same wait-a-few-days to say they received it that was mentioned earlier in the thread. I didn't hear anything back after a week, so I called them up only to be told it would take 7-14 days. Now it's one month later and I still haven't gotten it back. I called them today and they told me they were going to just replace it, but they needed to wait to get authorization, which would be another 1-2 weeks. Any expression of frustration or trying to get them to work with me to speed things up just gets you "I'm sorry sir" over and and over again. Basically, it will have taken 2 months to get my brand new P3 fixed through Samsung's customer service. gah!
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I'd say to get the warrantee. and although some people report differently, I had a major speed bump in the new 2.20 firmware.
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