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Default Where to buy oem style cloth slip cover?

Hey guys,

I have been looking everywhere for someone selling the oem/oem style cloth slip cover that comes with the new Fuze's. I bought my Fuze refurbed, so it didn't come with one. I don't want a bulk silicone, leather or hard case, as I like the feel of the Fuze as-is. But when it's being carried around in my laptop bag, I'd like to have some sort of scratch-prevention/protection.

Anyone know where I can get a stock slip cover?
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Sorry I have no idea where you would get the one shipped with the Fuze, but just so you know it is not that great. Either get yourself a case made for the Fuze or one of the little Gollo bags with a carabiner clip on it. Or any other little case that fits.
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Donít know where to get the original fuze slip cover, but if itís anything like the e200 series one, itís not even worth having one. But if you want an inexpensive slip cover to prevent scratches while toting you DAP around in your laptop case and want to have a little added character, buy some cheap tube baby socks, they fit good, function better and certainly prevent scratches.

The ones I use on my DAPís look better than the example below, but Iím too lazy to shoot a pic of mine and this is all I came up with for illustration purpose on the fly.

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yeah, i suggest getting a sock instead.

i got one of those slipcases with my fuze, and honestly it's just two pieces of felt sewn together...
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You can do it yourself. It's very easy.

Here's mine little variation on theme (sorry, phone camera)

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Originally Posted by spz View Post
You can do it yourself. It's very easy.

Here's mine little variation on theme (sorry, phone camera)

Hahah that's awesome!

The sock idea is pretty good too.

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It's true, there's not much to it. But I find it entirely adequate for keeping my Fuze from getting scratched up in the pocket of my satchel, which is all I need.

Since so many folks don't consider it useful, surely someone will offer to send you theirs for the cost of postage.
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