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Help Samsung P3 dictionary

I did a lot of things to get the dictionary on my P3.
The dicionary works fine but all the definitions come out in korean.
Even when I go to ENGLISH dictionary the def. come out in korean.
The only things that come out in english are the words I search.

What do I do to make the WHOLE dictionary in english?
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As far as I can tell no-one has ever been able to get a working Eng-Eng dictionary like the D2 has.
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the dictionary is for native koreans who are learning english in korea (i teach english in seoul). if you aren't learning korean, you really don't need the dictionary.
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Here is the secret to the P3's Dictionary: When you first open the English Dictionary, you will see that you have the option to go to the dictionary, which pops up as soon as you touch the icon, make or look at a word book, and give yourself a quiz on any particular word. Touch one of the options except for the dictionary one(you are already at the dictionary screen).Now, touch the Dictionary tab again, and you should see two tabs beside the word search field. One says: "E-K" and the other: "k-E". Touch the "K-E" tab beside the word search field. This is the Korean to English Dictionary. You should see the last word that you typed in the search field.(you can make this keyboard screen appear when you touch the area that the word that you wish to look up is in). All the keys will be symbolized in Korean. All you have to do is touch the symb. key on the screen's keyboard, and all characters will become English. Type the word that you want to look up, and hit the Enter key. The definition will be in standard english.
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