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Help Trouble creating Artist folders

I'm having a lot of trouble creating artist folders within the music folder. Whenever I go to the new folder I made the artist and the album folders within it show up as UNKNOWN. Help...?
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To use the Artist, Album and Song browsing features you need to have proper tag info populated in your files. You can use the free MP3Tag utility to fix your tags.

There are many posts about this, so you can search if you need more help.
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You could try using WMP11 to sync your music to the Sansa. It works just as well and even creates a folder hierarchy on the device. So you should have all your music sorted by artist for you.
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Do you have the USB mode on the player set to MSC? Do you have the latest firmware on your Fuze? Are you choosing folder view under the music menu?
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I just switched over to MSC (never used MSC with any player before today). It is definitely superior to MTP. You can make your own folders and put whatever you want in them. I made my own playlists this way.
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