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Default Jabra HALO + SPINN


I've just got my new Jabra Halo headphones. And here are some first impressions when paired with my SPINN:

- no problems when paired with SPINN
- all functions work fine: previous, next track, pause
- the sound volume is a bit hard to be changed fluently - because of touch sensors on headphones. Seems I need more practice with this ...
- Sound quality - hard to judge - I think I hear difference when these headphones connected via BT and via cradle. I will use this set for a audiobooks anyway
- the BT range - up to 2-3 meters, if more then the sound quality decreases quickly

And the ugliest thing: the performance of my SPINN highly decreases when paired with Jabra - this is visible on the main menu (scrolling) and on the movies. To be honest - I checked this on the movie which was in full size (640x480) - this requires more CPU resources for playing. But slowdowns are still visible when scrolling, browsing files etc. etc.

Do I enjoy this Jabra + SPINN marriage ? I think - yes. I have to spend more time and check if this is a good solution for me.

One thing at the end - I suggest to check if these Jabra fits to your head before you buy this - it is still possible to do some adjustments but in some cases these headphones won't cover your ears.

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I'm thinking of buying a pair for use with my SPINN.
But I'm a bit of an audiophile, I used to listen to my spinn with a pair of koss portapro's (brilliant headphones) using flac files (lossles files), so I'm a bit worried with the bluetooth, becouse it encodes the music to mp3 (lossy) to send over bluetooth.

What headphones have you used besides the Jabra Halo, and how did they compare to it? And have you used lossles files?

Anyways, thanks for the info.
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if you really care about SQ, don't go the bluetooth way, you'll get information loss for sure
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Default motorla eq5 and spinn

i have motorola eq5 bt handsfree spekerphone its great but it has problems with srs wow hd system the voice is bad when i chose srs but its working good with movis and when i want to play music i chose normal eq.
this is the photo
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