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Old 08-17-2009, 05:36 AM
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Help Couple of questions to those who know the P3...

I'm about to switch Creative's trash, the Zen, for something useful, and the top choices I have now are Samsung's P3 or Cowon's O2. P3 actually sounds better on paper to me - I don't need anything that makes the O2 so more expensive - but before deciding, I wanted to know something about it.

- Does it work in UMS mode? Can it simply be plugged in, treated as a USB device and be ready for the files be copied, as the case should always be? Or is it MTP only, with some trash software required to transfer the files to it? (One of the reasons I can't stand the Zen.) I've read that it is UMS-compliant, but then I read on another forum that it's only possible after flashing it with some unofficial, modified firmware... which I wouldn't like to do that much.

- Can it be browsed by directory? If so, are file names *and* extensions displayed in the browser? (The main reason I can't stand Creative's lousy device and its "ID3 Tag" philosophy)

- Will it automatically sort files by name/extension? E.g. if a new file whose name starts with "A" is added to a directory that already has a bunch of files, will that file be displayed on top, among other ones named "A", or will it be displayed last? (Zen would display it last in that case, another reason I "love" it so.)

- How is the built-in speaker's performance - powerful enough to be used e.g. while driving?

Oh, and if there's anyone who knows both the P3 and O2, how would they compare? Though, as I said, I don't need the extra stuff I've read about in the O2's presentation, and above all, I'm interested in the points listed above.
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