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Default Whats the best quality format video the P3 supports?

I have a movie i want to put on my p3 but i need to know what type of conversion i should do to get the best quality vid. And does anyone know how and what i should use to do it?
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h.264 yields the best quality per unit file size. It is a much slower conversion though. I recommend Xvid with a slightly higher than usual bitrate. It would be much faster with same quality as the slower but smaller h.264 file.

If you going from encypted DVD's to the P3 then I highly recommend DVDfab platinum as the fastest solution. But for a more cheaper solution download the free Dvd decrypter (won't work on all encrypted DVD's though) and the free Dvd catalyst at . I recommend the awesome paid version of Dvd catalyst though for $9.99 as you get more options (like framerate,etc.).

For non copyprotected DVD's or plain video files just use DVD catalyst, it should have the P3's settings already built in for less hassel.
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I don't use the P3 much for videos, but h264 I've just been able to drag and drop without any conversion. Check the maximum resolution, though.
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What would the max resolution be? I've looked over the manual and saw no mention of that.

I have a bunch of HD camcorder videos (1900x1280 I think) that I want to convert to use on the P3...not much luck finding software that'll do the job yet.

I may have to use the simply awful software that came with the camcorder to make a dvd-quality copy of the movies, then use something else to down-convert even further, but that's alot of extra work.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.
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You could try SUPER. It will convert just about any video type to any other video type and will down convert respectively. It's also freeware without ads, pop-ups. SPyware and malware free too.
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Nevermind. I stumbled across a Wikipedia reference to Nero Vision, which I already had and didn't know it could do what I needed.

Tested it, seems to downsize video acceptably - have to play with it some more, but looks promising.
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max resolution for p3 i think is 800x600 according to a few abi members
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Originally Posted by Australian p3 View Post
max resolution for p3 i think is 800x600 according to a few abi members
you mean according to samsung

anyway, I second the XviD or h.264 suggestions.
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Supported video formats:
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*
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I have been using Any Vedio Convertor. It is an open source software.
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Use FormatFactory, best quality is .wmv with high bitrate, smallest file is .mp4 with low bitrate. Try.
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