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Old 08-21-2009, 05:42 PM
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Page ABI Samsung P3 Official Firmware Upgrade Petition (1st Petition Revision Added!)

Hello, as you may have already noticed, I'm new to the abi community, and I really like being part of it because we all are MP3 player enthusiasts.

Now to the point, I have owned a Samsung P3 for about a month(thanks B&E), and I must say, its a very well-rounded player, and in my humble opinion, it has the best sound quality thanks to DNSe 3.0 (had to get rid of the headphones). But as many of you P3 owners have noticed, Samsung is falling behind on firmware updates/improvements/features compared to Cowon and its S9 which to me is the only real competitor to the P3, so I think a petition to Smasung should be sent, as an official petition from us (the site), which would give a heads-up to Samsung that there are a lot of us who enjoy the player, but think that a lot of things should be re-done/added/removed.

So I'm here to propose that we, all of the abi community, make an official petition letter from this site to Samsung, where we would be redacting what things should be improved, removed, added and last but not least; fixed. Now what's all this "official" petition about? Well exactly what the title states. I'm not going to write a full petition to Samsung, this thread's purpose is for everyone to contribute and say the things that Samsung should bring in the coming firmware updates, then later I (and anyone else that wants to help) would add them in a separate part of this thread, and organize it; grammatically and logically. Then we would all sign it with our real names, including the site mods and admin(s). This will show Samsung that real customers, real P3 owners want some improvements for sure, and that a big MP3 Players community filled with enthusiasts are actually in need for some well-deserved improvements. Here's how it should look to me;

The things that should be added, are going to be separated in different categories. From the most important to the least. Lets start with this:

Bugs: Bugs are things that MUST be fixed before any feature to be improved and/or added, no questions asked . In this category, we would list all of the bugs which should be taken care of. Obviously, we are talking about the latest firmware which is 2.18, so don't even mention old compatibly and/or stability bugs regarding older firmwares.

Now, compatibly issues with other less-known file formats should also be considered a bug. I don't consider the fact that a player to support an specific file format, a feature. I consider it as something that its necessary for it to have, and if it doesn't, then its part of there player's fault, therefore its considered a bug to be fixed. So problems with audio file formats such as the lossless WMA could be added here.

System. For system, these should be the categories.

GUI: The graphical user interface, any type of improvement that should be made. Now, this doesn't include any addition of features, only things that should be removed, moved or changed. It is important to make clear that features are not the most important thing of a player. Look at the IPod Touch, while the Wi-Fi connectivity is a good feature for a MP3 Players, it certainly is not what an MP3 is meant to do. That's why for me the P3 beats the IPod Touch in every level, except in the GUI and Apps. And that's what I'm trying to address here; so lets focus on the thing that should be re-done/added/moved/removed/swapped in the GUI itself.

Still inside this category, we are going to focus on certain specific areas that need to be polished. For example(remember we are still in the GUI category, but we are not mentioning the addition of features just yet);

Music Play Screen; Here we would specify what should be e-done/moved/removed/swapped in this specific area. Things such as the A-B function, which should not be where it is. I think it should swap positions with the music play mode function. I found it a little bit of a hassle, having to open up the menu and then select the option and then having to close the menu again and having to go back to the music screen, only to change from shuffle to normal for instance. That's why I think it should be simplified but just having to change places with A-B and having just to press(or in this case tap) the button and then the play mode changes.

Now after filling this category, with GUI-specific-areas sub-categories, we will move onto the next category.

GUI Features: Now, probably the most wanted, yet not the most important category, is here. As you probably have guessed, here we are going to list, in the exact same method as before, all of the features that -again- should be re-done/added/moved/removed/swapped. Of course, this is not limited to features that were in previous firmwares. I've heard that on-screen volume controls were available in firmware 2.07, but for some reason they removed it in firmware 2.14, and still not present in 2.18. Now, we should understand though, they wouldn't have removed it unless it was really necessary, or there was any other particular reason? Probably, because I've seen that the GUI responsiveness and overall feel is much faster and smoother in 2.14 as compared to 2.07, where just so happens to be the firmware where the on-screen volume was. Intriguing isn't? The point is, that this particular feature should also be mentioned here too.


Now, the next category would be; Feel. This category is rather important. Here we would dare to list, all of the responses the GUI would make by our actions. For example; we all know, that when we are seeing images in the P3, if we slide our finger to the right or left, the image will change back and/or forth. But what about, if we could slide our fingers slowly without actually removing the finger from the screen to be able to see the next see the next picture; like some kind of preview, the same as to what the Samsung R1 does. If I'm not mistaken -and excuse me if I'm- I believe the IPod Touch also has this little feature when browsing images.

Now, the next category would be; Miscellaneous. Here we would list, all of the things that you might find that make less enjoyable your video/music playback experience, as well as things that we are not sure if they should be listed inside the other categories.

So pretty much this is it, I know its quite big, but I'm sure if we add something to improve the P3, we'll make it even a better player. I mean, seriously, how luck are we? The IPod owners don't receive the type of firmwares updates we (including all of the other non-Apple players too) do, we have a chance to actually add great changes to the P3. And Samsung does listen to its costumers. But what I would personally recommend, is that if you are going to redact your ideas, please do it in a good way; grammatically if you know what I mean. After all, its a letter thats going to Samsung, and we should send it as presentable as possible. Like some type of big changelog, so bring in the ideas!

Last edited by lawfer; 08-30-2009 at 06:13 PM. Reason: 1st Petition Revision Added.
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