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Default My Ogg-Files don't play on Sansa Fuze


I have a new Fuze 8GB and have a large amount of my music collection ripped in Ogg-format and these are played without any problem in various players (iAudio and iRiver) and programmes like Foobar.
So, I am quite surprised that they don't play on my Fuze. Maybe someone knows the problem and can help me getting into the Fuze-world without further disappointments.

Fuze Firmware: 02.02.26F
Ripping programme: Exact Audio Copy
Encoder: oggenc2.exe
Additional command-line: -q 6 -a "%a" -t "%t" -l "%g" -d "%y" -N "%n" -G "%m" %s -o %d

Also, the Fuze couldn't read the tags.

Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.
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Did you format the player after installing the FW upgrade? I understand this sometimes fixes problems.
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The problem is lilely the format of your tags. Make sure you use vorbis comment style tags, not ID3. Also, use ISO/ANSI encoding, not Unicode.
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Originally Posted by Skinjob View Post
Also, use ISO/ANSI encoding, not Unicode.
Isn't UTF-8 in the spec?
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I was pretty sure they are supposed to be UTF-8. Putting ANSI in file tags sounds like a bad idea.
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I believe vorbis comment are supposed to be UTF-8, but the Fuze hasn't been very good in the past with Unicode support. Maybe it's better in the last FW, but I haven't tested it myself.

Maybe just try switching from ID3 to vorbis comments first. Then if you still have a problem try ANSI. Obviously, you can try it on just a few files before doing your whole library.
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I use vorbis files for almost everything(a few audio books i have arent worth recoding)

I use dBpoweramp, install the vorbis encoders(advanced ones) then replace the oggenc2.exe with the one from aoTuV's site

I do this for a few reasions mostly because the aoTuV encoders newer and quite fast(has best per bitrate quility!!!)

then I just run the conversion, you could try this even using the same bitrate, I found it fixed some of my older files that I had encoded using other vorbis encoder(oggenc) versions.

You can also use MediaCoder (should include latist aoTuV build in) its 100% free

hope this helps, Sometimes the fuze can be a little picky with tags, Not neerly as picky as my samsung players where tho!!!
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