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Default Samsung needs to listen!!!

Can anyone help me out by sending samsung a message via their website telling them to at least read some improvements we hope to be made on the p3?? HERES WHAT WE SHOULD SHOW THEM..
1. Blue screen then reset when you change Dnse right b4 a song ends(lol itz kinda funny)

2. P3 restarts when a flash game is too big for it to handle (just say file to big instead of in the middle of the game the dang thing freezes)

3. P3 will sometimes shut down when you delete music.

4. After you delete a song (while your listen to another) when you hold on to the Music icon or press "Now Playing" the song will pause for a second then play again (really annoying)

5. When deleting a song (while listen to another) the P3 will stop the song your listen to and play the the first song on your MP3 player (alphabetical order)


1. Gapless

2. Lock function (like on P2)

3. US Dictionary (With full QWERTY keyboard)

4. Ability to use + and - volume buttons so that pressing (or adjustable hold time) both of them will stop the current song playing when the screen is locked.

5. Ability to use + and - volume buttons to play the next and previous song when the screen is locked.

6. Full QWERTY keyboard for the memo feature.

7. Bring back On Screen Volume

8. Album art pops up instantaneously (not the annoying colored flash thing that you see when scrolling through albums)

9. "Mosaic" view for album art like on the S9

10. Ability to rename files on P3.

11. FLV video format support!

12. Ability to play music while player is charging.

1. Momentum Scrolling

2. Faster/Snapper UCI

3.Faster "zoom" time when selecting a menu choice/icon/etc.


2. Weather Widget (through Emodio)

3. Battery Widget that would show a percentage of battery life you have left. (like on the new Samsung R1)

3. Update (US) for UCI, Dnse, and official games for the P3

4. New Games (.aai)

you may add your own complaints if necessary.
please help~!!!
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