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Default Blue Ring Problem

Today I received my sansa fuze, and while the system itself functions properly, the blue ring is not completely blue. At the low right corner (i know its a circle but oh well...) it appears to be dead (no blue light)... Except that part the ring emits blue light.

Is this a known issue??? Software or hardware???
Will it affect the player's performance in the future?

I am amazed by the characteristics of the product but i wasn't expecting to run into problems...
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It's probably because one of LEDs in the circle burned out. If you're brave enough, you could open it yourself and replace it. Or you can either get a exchange or just live with it.
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Having an LED out on the ring won't affect the player's performance at all. Thankfully the lights have nothing to do with sound quality or the functionality of the buttons at all.
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I would exchange the player if possible. The LED being out shouldn't affect the function of the player but may indicate other upcoming hardware problems.

It may work OK now but you don't want to be kicking your self if it has bigger problems later.
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