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Default can I use x5 to record from Telephone?

I was wondering if I can I use x5 to record telephone conversations? If so then how do I get about doing this?
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You could hold the X5's mic to the phone speaker... quality would be crappy, though. If your phone has a phones/line-out and supports playing the conversation back over said phones-out, you could attach it to the X5 dongle's line-in and listen to the conversation over the X5's headphones-out.

But most phones should support recording conversations internally, AFAIK. My Sony Ericsson and my former Siemens are able to do that.
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Do you mean a landline or mobile? If you mean a landline, you can get devices that plug in between the phone line and the socket, with a line out jack, which you can connect to the X5's line in: I've never used one myself, but one of my old editors did (on a MD), and it works very well.
Edit: there's an adapter here that would work for this.
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I was talking about a land line and I tried you suggestion and it works! Although I can barely make out what the person on the other end of the line is saying. I wonder how I can fix that up.
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