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Default Anyway to make lyrics not so fugly?

Lyrics are driving me mad!
I dont know why they make lyrics display the way they do. It's either laziness or stupidity. This can't be too hard to fix. Does anyone have a work around or know how to get them to display correctly? Let me give ya an example on what I mean.

Using Lyric Station, if I put in:

Sometimes I feel
Like I dont have a partner
Sometimes I feel
Like my only friend
Is the city I live in
The city of angel
Lonely as I am
Together we cry

But on the P3 it shows as

Sometimes I feel Like I
dont have a partner So
metimes I fe el Like m
y only friend Is the cit y
I live in The c ity of a ngel
L onely as I am Together w
e cry

I can maybe understand it not word wrapping and breaking up a word from one line to the next.. but why add spaces to words on the same line?! I've tried manually adding -enters- at the end of each line in Lyric station. I've counted that it shows 28 letters per line and tried to add spaces in each line before and after it to make each line 28 spaces.. it just ignores the extra spacing. No matter how I try to manipulate it always looks exactly like above. Really? Can it be this hard to get lyrics to read spaces and enters?

I've seen video's of the p2 lyrics and it doesnt seem to have this problem. Almost makes me wish I'd had bought a p2 instead. Actually I wish I bought the Cowon s9.
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