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Default Things I hate about the S545

Since I ripped all over my X1061, it's now time to bitchslap the S545, especially since my wife has more or less taken over the X as I await the pending arrival of my Originals Zune HD and I've had some (not completely so) quality time with the new S:

1. Sluggish processor: navigation is woefully hesitant, particularly when moving within the music library. Moving up and down the song or artist listings it's barely noticeable, but when moving across the alphabet (the left and right button navigation), the moving between the letter-to-letter indexes there's an obvious and exceedingly irritating lag. Downmarket this admittedly is, but Sony, did you have to make it SO painfully obvious?

2. Song display kneecapped: since I didn't have a first-gen S, I don't know if this disability is a carryover. What I DO know is with my A-series players I could use the 5-way control and navigate down to at least some the ID3 fields displayed on the song screen AND select them so I could get the entire media content of the artist or the album that's on the player. With the S545 that last capability is absent, though at least I can still nav down to at least get the data fields to autoscroll for any long names within the fields. It's better than the X, where it's IMPOSSIBLE to select any of the ID3 data...guess they forgot to program that in with the touchscreen interface (still ragging on the X...will it EVER stop?).

3. Cheesy materials: no metal here like my earlier Walkmans. Guess that's one of the prices one must pay for Sony to make a relatively cheap Walkman. Plastic, and proud to let you know that fact.

4. Slow transfer speed: I don't get it. Wasn't the X's slow enough? With every subsequent generation isn't the rule supposed to be that things are getting faster?

5. 'Creating Library' BS: every time I awaken this thing from its deep slumber, it goes through this 'creating library' nag, albeit a fairly short one compared to how long the library creation sequence lasted after a 1955-song file transfer onto this player (I swear I saw the brown lawn actually grow several millimeters). However, none of my previous Walkmans went through this extra cycle on bootup; does the S545 have Alzheimer's or something, and need constant reminding that it actually HAS a library?

6. Going back to buttons: I'm ruined for that I've become so used to touchscreens. Okay, so it's not the fault of the S, but the old 5-way controller pad seems so antiquated now. Bad karma.

7. Rattles from the slider switches: the Hold slider is the worst offender, but even the slider for the speaker/headphone selector has a fair bit of play. Really iffy QC. More bad karma. The MP3 equivalent of the 1980s Hyundai Excel? Yugo? 1968 Corvette Stingray? Emulating the ambiance of a POS doesn't score points with me...or probably anyone else. Very Trailer Park. In fact, it's even insulting to said trailer park dwellers.

Of course there's the usual rants about the Walkman firmware (on-the-fly playlist creation, on-the-player delete (in)ability, pain in loading compatible video, etc.), but those are endemic to ALL Walkmans so they don't count. I'm just amazed at how LOW RENT this thing feels, even as I marvel at how the sound is marvelous and the great storage cap for the price. ARE a tough one to figure out...
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