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Default Video playback is green and pink??

hi there, i've just received my P3 yesterday, and it's using firmware is 2.20CN (touch 6.C) after updating it
however, when i added my videos into the player, they turned out green and pink! i could still make out the movements, but it looked like it was seriously wrong....
my videos are in the mp4 format, and looking at the other thread titles, it seems that the P3 supports this format? then why doesnt my videos playback properly?
ehh on a side note, does it matter if i downloaded it from youtube? (shhhh)
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Well, that isn't normal. Mp4 works fine on the P3 and I've put Youtube videos on mine no problem. Try some other files and see if the problem persists.
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do the ones that came with the players do the same thing??
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the ones that come with the player works fine

i've tried other videos and only 1 has worked!
and another problem is that for one video, within the square frame, i'm getting the video all narrowed and displayed 3 times (kind of like when you get double vision) with the pink and green.
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You must have encoded something wrong... Try using DivX encoded .AVI
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