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Default Buttons/Screen die, music plays on? Help!

Hello, new to the forum. I'm hoping someone can perhaps help with a weird problem I'm having with my Sansa Fuze.

I'll be sitting there, listening to music and every now and then when I go to push a button, skip a song, adjust volume, etc... nothing happens. The music will keep playing, but the screen remains blank. None of the buttons work, the wheel doesn't light up, the music volume and song stay the same and keep playing, no matter what I press. The only way to stop it is to hold the power button for about 10 seconds and reboot (which causes a complete media refresh upon restart).

This has been completely random. Sometimes I can listen to 20 songs, no issues, buttons all work and screen comes on when I press/change anything. Other times it can be just a song or two, and this happens. The players keeps playing the song, so it's not like it shut down. It just stopped letting any buttons or screen work. Very strange.... Help anyone?
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I was using the Fuze again today for a few hours. It played for over an hour with no issues, then the same issue I described above happened: buttons stopped working, screen wouldn't display, but the music just kept playing as if nothing was wrong. I couldn't control the song, volume, etc, but it kept rolling.

Then, after a hard reboot, it went about 5 songs before doing it. Reboot, 2 songs. Reboot, about 10 songs... it's random. Anyone have thoughts on the issue?

For the record the player was sitting still, not being bounced around. I've seen people mention button issues with loose ribbon cables. Could this be the problem?
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