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Default So the XFi2 was released today

nyone here got it already? Any reviews? google has a couple but nothing concise... Was the interface sped up as we were led to believe? Can anyone comment on the sound quality and overal GUI responsiveness?
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I've got one, and have had it awhile. The interface is smooth, but not sensitive. You have to touch the screen and wait a fraction of a second for it to respond. Then the menus will slide smoothly as you drag your finger. A quick google search finds several reviews. No comment on review quality though.
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Help Where to buy in Canada?

Does anyone know where the X-Fi 2 can be bought in Canada? Creative uses to ship their orders and doesn't ship to Canada. And of course doesn't carry mp3 players.

I've tried but they only have the original X-Fi.

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Old 10-06-2009, 07:32 PM
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just called future shop in canada they are no longer carrying it , the hint i got from the sales was that it cannot compete against the ipod . zune hd not coming up here yet . cowon s9 looks like the best choice , use there is some good pricing there . ipod touch is okay as normal with ipod get the extended warranty is a must .
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I ended up buying one from eBay. It was a little more expensive, and the Canadian Customs hit me with a $40 fee, but it's here and it works great so I'm happy.
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Will this be available in US retail stores soon?
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