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Originally Posted by Yoshi1984 View Post
And also even if it was, why listen to music at 128kbps? talk about bad music.
The sound quality, even at c. 128 kbps, can be very good:,,

Also, one of hydrogenaudio’s recommendations is –V6 (c. 115 kbps):

And the relationship between battery life and kbps? Well, here is one claim from Sony:
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According to this ATMEL datasheet, the decoding power doesn't vary much with bitrate.

That means that the major hit on power consumption with bitrate differences is going to come from I/O power. And that most definitely scales linearly with bitrate.

The question is, how much power is consumed by I/O in relation to the rest of the system? The amplifier powering the audio is probably going to use more power than variations in I/O, and the screen is using more power than either of them.

So, I'd guess it's probably a %10-20 hit moving from 128k to 320k, not a huge hit, but noticeable if you constantly use the player.
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No wonder why my battery doesn't last the longest of times, even though the screen is on the lowest setting .

Flac and 320k MP3 here. I can sure hear the difference with my Audio Technica A900's on, bad MP3's sound awful and even clip. With my JVC marshmallows I can't really hear much of a difference at all, but I broke them yesterday .

Taking my A900's into work today again always fun lol...
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