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Default White screen on 4 GB Fuze

I just got a lot of non-working Fuzes today, with the intention of doing what I can with them while avoiding less important things (like cleaning my apartment).

Anyway, one of them appears to be in good physical shape but all I get is a white screen (or a black one when I disconnect it and turn it off). I tried holding the sliding power switch in the up (toward the screen) position for as much as 75 seconds, but still, when it's on, the screen is pure white regardless of what controls I fiddle with.

1) Can anybody suggest any other fixes that don't involve opening it up?

3) If there is a defective part, is it likely to be the LCD assembly or the main board? Are there any other separable components? (It's obviously not the battery!)

BTW, the firmware is V02.01.17A, according to the version.sdk file. (I only have access to MSC mode, since I'm on a pre-Intel Mac.)
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Came across a few threads over in the Sansa forums about the white screen in the 4 GB fuze. Most had to return the player but one I saw was able to fix the problem by formatting and updating the firmware. I would stay away from the new .28 version, it's buggy.
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I downloaded the .26 version and installed it according to the instructions. And, according to the version.sdk file, the firmware has been updated.

Sadly, the screen is still white!

Any more ideas regarding my original questions?

BTW, I just posted a question in a new thread regarding the dead Fuzes I got in the lot I bought.

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