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Default iRiver Battery problems

Good afternoon everyone, I have had an iRiver S10 and now I have a SPINN. I really like the simplicity of the iRiver products, but I have ALWAYS had problems with the battery life. Sometimes I will turn off my SPINN, put the lock on so it can't be turned on, and somehow the battery life will be almost drained when I turn it back on.

This happened with the S10, too. It's almost like the battery loses charge even when it's turned off. The S10 didn't have a lock, so I thought it was getting turned on somehow, but this would happen even when I left it on a desk untouched. Now, with the SPINN, I am seeing the battery lose charge in the same way.

Not only do I lose charge when the device is completely off, but the battery is draining at a ridiculous rate when in use. I listened to music this morning for 3 hours, at 6 volume, and I went from full charge to the battery being almost empty. I am also experiencing an issue when the the device says it is fully charged, and then I turn it on and it seems to only have 2/3 left.

I am using firmware 2.10 (US). Is anyone else experiencing these weird issues?
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i haven't experienced anything like that *gasp* w/ my SPINN!!!! could be your BATTERY or maybe the USB isn't plugged in all the way
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I had the same problem.
If I left the player laying around for a few days, the battery was depleted.
The solution was to tick off the sleep function in the settings/advanced menu.
The only drawback is the small startup delay when switching on the device.

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Thanks, I will try this!
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