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Right now the S639 is at BestBuy for $160, and the S545 is $120. They each have 16GB. What are the differences and should I go for one over the other?
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S545 has Alarm function and speaker, both in which the S639 don't
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Does have the S639 better SQ (?), cause I've heard something
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Old 12-13-2009, 09:09 AM
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It sounds pretty good - better than other Sonys I couldn't say.

It has SenseMe and podcast support missing from the newer S.
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Default fast forward

Cant find the post now, so adding to this on this thread

Somoene was complaining about really slow fastforward on the S544/S545, if you haven't found it by now, if you pause the track then fast forward its much faster, like x10, much better for podcasts or single track mp3 albums
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