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Default Creative XFI2 first impressions

I will come up with a complete review during the weekend, ATM here are my first impressions which I've seen some reviews have lacked:

First and foremost, the player itself, feels CHEAP as hell, I mean, i've owned generic mp3 players which had a better feel to it, creative shouldn't have cheaped out on build quality so much, there's no buts or ifs here.

1. From an almost audiophile point of view, the EP630s bass is over powering and muddy, mids seem clear and highs a bit blown out. Compared to Head Directs RE2s and ER6i, the EP630 just can't keep up.

2. The touchscreen IS responsive, it requieres pressure but barely any.

3. the GUI is nice, flows smoothly once the touchscreen responds, though there is plenty of room for improvement, though it's not something that will bring the players rating down. Overall, there is a slight learning curve if any.
4.Sound from the player is very good, from a quick 1h test with EP630s/RE2s/ER6i

Can't yet comment on XFI as I haven't had time to test it out and wouldn't know exactly to what percentage set it to, I guess that is something really subjective.

Things I will write about during the weekend:
1. Video drag/drop capabilities without conversion
2. mic quality
3. XFI
4. Syncing and creative software
5. More experiences with the touchscreen and GUI.

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