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Default Official support/forum

I tried to look some specifications/informations up for my m1, since there was only a minimalistic manual (with basicly tells you how to plug in a bloody cable).
I was at Samsungs homepage and I was't disappointed that samsung didn't have the m1 at their HP.
I visited Emodio but same story here. No informations about the player.
The only page I was able to find something related to the player was, but since they have some fancy symbols I can't read its useless too.
At Samsung Mobile its all about cell phones.

Now I have to ask myself if I didn't search good or if samsung gives a crap about us europeans.
Is there any official HP that covers some aspects of the m1 such as
  • "Is it using the Flash Mobile Lite, or 'nomal' AS3? because my selfmade .swf files which have the right screensize just stop at the 1st frame"
  • "Why is this thing so laggy when you drag widgets out onto our 'desktop'?"
  • "Why can't i reaname files directly on the m1, such as memos? Because i dont need a memo with the name 'Memo0001_15_10_16am_5min_54sec' " for obvious reasons this is crap.
  • "Why is there no sound when i connect my m1 to my phone and want to call sb?"
  • "Why is there a Calendar on the device when i can't make entries!?!?!"
  • "Why cant I write directly .txt files into my textfiles folder?" .. which leads us to.....
  • ... "Why for gods sake can I only send txt files from the /mypack/textfiles folder ?!?! That means, if I want to send my friend something to his netbook via Bluetooth thats only possible if i write (at home) some text, put it in the _right_ filefolder because this is the only location form where you can send txt!??!? because you CANNOT send memos!
I think you see the various problems... hopefully someone got spanked for this software/support/information crap.

*huh.... It's very exhausting to be angry*
Cheers (:

@edit..oes anyone know a samsung homepage which says anything about the m1 in general?

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