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Default My Attempt at Vid Conversion for XFi2

Hey all,

As i cant see a vid conversion post for the XFi 2 here, i thought id document the pitfalls and attempts ive made:

To start converting vid for the Xfi2, i tried a few of the usual apps to convert- Super Video Convertor, VirtualDub etc. One of the main problems though, is that any vid played on the Xfi2 really needs to have to contrast/brightness adjusted. VirtualDub allows this (but will display too dark on pc screens to allow proper comparison).

One of the best tools for conversion is Mencoder, the command line app that allows a LOT of adjustments to be made. One thing to bear in mind is that the XFi 2 will play vids up to 640x480 - so many vids will not actually need resizing.

A strange problem that i have come across is that if resizing is done - by pretty much any method - when the file is played back on the Xfi 2- there can be a few audio problems - notable pops which sound like the audio is clipping - which is isnt. Im hoping a firmware update may resolve this. However with the 640x480 support - often resizing isnt necessary - but to be able to view correctly on the 400x240 screen does require some cropping.

Ive found that using the calculation of 400/240 = 1.666 gives a ratio which should be used to multiply the height of any video file to give the max width. For example a movie measuring 500x 262 - if we multiply 262 by 1.66 we get 436. This means that the vid should be cropped from 500 to 466 - to give us the correct ratio for the XFi 2 screen. There are a couple of filters and general brightness and contrast adjustments which i use which really improves the vid quality - if anyone is interested, just let me know and ill post an example of my scripts :-)
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Smile Conversion App

hi again all,

I have attached a link to an app i've written, which will convert files for any pmp (only avi), but particularly well for the XFi 2. This app is based on mencoder, and the interface fairly simple to work out. Any questions feel free, the basic steps which id recommend for the best output for the Xfi 2 are:

When the app loads for the first time, you will be asked for the Player Resolution, for the XFi 2 this should be 400x240

Press the Open File icon (top right), and select the AVI file you wish.
In the Resize box i would recommend AutoCrop (keep ratio) - this will crop the movie to fit the Xfi 2 screen without resizing. The top 3 options here will resize the video - the Xfi 2 at this stage doesnt seem to like resized vids - sometimes there can be audio problems, so best to avoid.

Bitrate - whatever you like really, i tend to stick to 800
Scaler - Bilinear is fine for most, if you would like a sharper encode, choose Lanczos.
Color - the Default entry will apply the settings that i think seem to work best, and minimise color banding. Pressing the .. button next to this entry will let you see and set your own brightness/contrast/gamma/saturation levels if required. The Default seems to work best for me.
I would also suggest the Sharpen box is ticked, the soften can be good for really badly blocky files. Sharpen does a good job of masking these though so i would try that first.
Audio Bitrate, again whichever you like, i prefer 192
Normalise - 80 (in percent) is a good level for me - again this is whatever you like.

The set and clear clip times button will allow you to test a segment of the file.

Press the Update button once you are happy with your changes, if you have added more than one file you can apply all these settings to all files.

Press Start and thats it!

Close when complete will do just that.

Hope you all get some use from this, it works well for me, and ive written it to make the process as quick and easy as i could, and of all the convertors i have tried before writing this - i like the results from my app best (surprise surprise eh lol)

This is just a hobby app, its free, do what you will with it - any suggestions or things youd like to see added, just let me know

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With the latest X-Fi2 firmware upgrade, 1.10.04, I find that Handbrake can encode xVid files at sizes like 320 X 240 or 400 X 240 AVI xVid at 400 kbps, that play fine.

Note that I'm using Handbrake 0.9.3, as it appears 0.9.4 will no longer do AVI or xVid.
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