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Default X-fi 2 & Music Rating

I'm having an issue where the start ratings I give my songs dont stick. For example if I rate an mp3 on my computer, that rating doesnt show up on the Zen. I also notice that when I rate a song in the Zen then move the song from Zen to desktop the rating doesnt go with it. Is there any way to remedy this? Or do I have to continue to rate songs separately?
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Are you using a music management program to sync your music or are you using the (obsolete) "drag and drop" method? If you're dragging and dropping that is probably the reason the ratings aren't being synced.

Typically the ratings are stored in a database on the player instead of being saved to the file. I don't know why "they" do it this way and personally I don't like it. Since this is the way it seems to be done what you have to do is find a program that does two-way ratings syncing. I wish I could give you a whole list of programs that will do it but to be honest the only program that I know works is J. River Media Center (Here's a review of "Media Jukebox" which is the free version of "Media Center" which is $50 (I think) and currently at version 14).

If you're looking for a media management program Anythingbutipod recently did a Music Software Review Roundup. Perhaps you can find one that fits all your needs.
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I tried both dragging and droping straight to the player through windows explorer and ive tired doing it through creative centrale. I currently use Media Monkey to manage my player and I can set the ratings using that. Only problem is if I ever had to reformat the player or when I switch players Id have to do it all over again. And when you have thousands of mp3s that can be time consuming. Ill look into ill check out the software you recommended. Thanks for the help.
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